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Brent Spiner Spoofs Himself in Hilarious Video

“Here it comes… You want me to do a Comic Con.”

As it turns out, the answer’s no. But Brent Spiner’s willingness to channel a little bit of Bill Shatner as he grapples with trying to get past his Star Trek: TNG role is a lot of fun.

The new short on YouTube, BRENTWOOD, features Brent Spiner in a jealousy-induced rivalry with fan favorite and all-around mensch LeVar Burton, with Spiner displaying his trademark sense of humor. It’s the same tongue-in-cheek delivery that made characters like Data and Dr. Soong fun, and it’s the same attitude he brought to FRESH HELL, a comic webseries about trying to put a career back together after falling out of the limelight.

In BRENTWOOD, we discover that Spiner wants to concentrate on Broadway, but is surrounded by people who want him to appear on podcasts and awards shows, talking endlessly about Data and playing a robot for laughs and fundraising. You have to imagine, this must happen to actors in real life all the time. They’re long over the role they did twenty years ago, but the public isn’t.

It’s a dilemma a lot of actors would love to have to deal with, and Spiner shows he can laugh at it. He can do some funny musical numbers too. The short is filled with sharp observations about the conflicts between fame and everyday life, and it’s a fun watch.


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