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Support Indie Creators (and Get Cool Stuff!): Visit the New TFN Store

Love the indie creations on THE FANTASY NETWORK? Want to help support indie filmmakers in a practical way, and enjoy cool merch at the same time? We’ve got good news… Our new TFN store is now live and filled with fun products designed to fulfill the geek in you and make your friends jealous…until they buy their own stuff, of course!

What’s in the Store?

We’re launching our easy, online shopping experience with over one hundred products, including films from Zombie Orpheus, Arrowstorm, The Fantasy Network, The Forge, Dead Gentlemen, and more. Plus, we’re adding dozens more products over the next month.

You can find DVDs, Blu-rays, DRM-free digital downloads, museum-quality art prints, t-shirts, mugs, pins, collectible books, PDFs, roleplaying games and more.

The Fantasy Network store is designed to make sure that the creators you love make as much money as possible from every sale, so they can focus on creating more content. When you purchase from us, you help creators remain independent.

But wait, there’s more!

Deals and Discounts

We’re launching with three special deals for our fans and supporters:

1) Open to everyone: Purchase one year of Fantasy Network Premium access and receive a free five-DVD set of the entire Mythica epic, from Arrowstorm Entertainment! You only pay shipping. Get the deal.

2) Are you a member of ZOE Supporters? Receive permanent discounts in our store on all Zombie Orpheus and Dead Gentlemen products if you pledged at $10 or higher! Get the deal.

3) Are you a current Fantasy Network subscriber? You are also eligible for a free five-DVD Mythica set! You only pay shipping. Stay tuned for an email from TFN with your coupon code.

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