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Legendarium Media, LLC is Under New Ownership

Legendarium Media, LLC, is pleased to announce new ownership under The Fantasy Network! This transition will bring an injection of new energy into the Legendarium community while allowing The Fantasy Network to extend its reach beyond filmed entertainment into online news, social media, and fan-generated content spaces.

“Our community has always been incredibly loyal and committed to engaging with the fan-driven content that we publish at Legendarium,” says Erik Yeager, Legendarium’s current CEO who will be transitioning away from site management into a role on The Fantasy Network’s board. “The Fantasy Network will be able to give Legendarium Media the time and attention that it deserves, and I’m hopeful that the Network will build a more effective, unified brand for the promotion of fantasy content and exploration of the fictional worlds that we all love to share.”

Legendarium’s current article archive will remain online but will be re-branded to reflect The Fantasy Network’s vision. Any questions should be directed to:

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