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Zombie Orpheus launches Fan Supported and Creator Distributed Streaming Network

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment has created a platform for storytelling. It includes streaming of unique content that is created by fans of the same things that we love. It’s called ZOE Premium.

They invite people like you to contribute to the stories that are being told there, to help shape content created by the community there. This is a big idea, so if you’re someone that enjoys writing and creating genre content, or would like to get involved in a community like that, please read on.

Here’s the idea: Zombie Orpheus believes that stories are meant to be retold, remixed and reimagined, and not “locked away in a vault to be forgotten in twenty years.”

They’ve decided to apply the Creative Commons Sharealike-Attribution license to all of their newest shows. This means that you can take their new stories wherever you want. You can write and sell a novel, a painting, or upload the content to share on your own platforms, as long as you release your works under the same license.

They’ve built a platform to support this, where you can share, contribute, upload and learn. You can sell your works, contribute to a community storytelling effort, and more. The only limit is your imagination.

If everything they make can be freely shared, sold and distributed, how can they survive? They’ve been doing this for seven years, and decided to open it up further.


They’re looking for support from people like you. The more subscribers they bring on board, the more they can

  • Create awesome new stories
  • Support your awesome new stories
  • Maintain their independence

And in return for your monthly subscription (be it $1 or $100), they are pleased to offer you the following benefits:

  • Exclusive: post and comment in their forums
  • Exclusive: stream their catalog of feature films and series in pristine HD
  • Exclusive: the ongoing adventures of The Gamers: Nodwick’s Story, a comic by Aaron Williams
  • Exclusive: post and edit content in their Shared Cinematic Universe wiki
  • Exclusive: watch new episodes before anyone else
  • Exclusive: unique buffs and trolls for their weekly gaming livestream, Masters of the Metaverse
  • Exclusive: deep annual discounts on merch in BackerKit
  • Exclusive: membership in a worldwide community of incredible fans, creators, and storytellers
  • Exclusive: work directly with them to develop your stories

For more information about this, check out Zombie Orpheus’ announcement.

For an example of one of their shows, check out JourneyQuest.

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