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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow (Season 5, Episode 10)

Arrow-Season 5 Episode 10- Who Are You?

Laurel explains to Oliver how she is back. John Diggle is in jail once again. Oliver promises to figure out how to get him out. Diggle tells him that they went down that road before and it is time to deal with the charges instead of running.

Oliver is worried that Prometheus might be right about him being a killer. Felicity vows revenge against Prometheus for Malone’s death.  The Laurel that showed up is not their Laurel it is her evil twin from Earth-2 locked up in Star Labs. She is the Black Siren on her earth. Prometheus is the mastermind behind her escape. He has her there to help with his agenda against Oliver.

Oliver appeals to the DA to help Diggle fight the charges and he agrees with Oliver to keep quiet for now who could be Malone’s killer. Chase agrees to represent Diggle in the trial. Everything is in jeopardy when MPs show up to transfer Diggle. Chase is able to stall the transfer for 24 hours. His plan to stop the transfer works and Diggle stays in Star City for now.

Felicity lets Black Canary/Black Siren go in order to try to track where Prometheus is by tracking her. The team sets up a trap to grab Prometheus it does not work but they are able to contain Black Canary/Black Siren and get her locked up again. They take away her power and now someone else has it. There is a new Black Canary in town and Talia al Ghul appears in one of Oliver’s flashbacks.

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Next week’s episode the team tracks down the new Black Canary and Talia al Ghul will appear once again.

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