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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow (Season 5, Episode 2)

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Arrow-S5 Episode 2- The Recruits

At the end of last week’s episode Oliver admitted it might be time to try and put a new team together.  Enter the new recruits in this week’s episode. The recruits are Rene Ramirez (Wild Dog), Evelyn Sharp, and Curtis. Will they survive the training Arrow plans for them or throw in the towel? They let it be known that they don’t trust him and at one point walk out. Curtis confronts Oliver about the trust issue and how Oliver can’t trust those around him.  Oliver does the one thing that he can to earn their trust and he reveals his real identity to them. They agree to come back after that.

Lance messes up the security detail at an event Thea hired him to work at. He apologizes and promises her it will not happen again. Thea wants Oliver to give him a second chance to prove himself. Oliver’s not sure they should. Thea argues that he’s still dealing with Laurel’s death and maybe giving him something to focus on will help him move forward.

Rag Man makes another appearance. Oliver confronts him and learns his story. He tries to get him to stop attacking people.

The masked guy dressed like Arrow attacked Church. The man tells him to leave Arrow alone that he will deal with him. Who is he and why is he after Arrow?

In next week’s episode, more new characters are introduced. Oliver is dealing with the recruits and Wild Dog goes off on his own.

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