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New Indiana Jones Animated Movie a Must-See!

The Adventures of Indiana Jones
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New Adventure, Travel-Sized

It’s time to dust off your whip and fedora, because Indiana Jones is back for another adventure!  No, I’m not talking about Indy 5; I’m talking about “The Adventures of Indiana Jones,” an animated movie by Patrick Schoenmaker. And because it has everything fans want, it’s a must-see!

The globe-trotting hero embarks on a quest to find another exotic artifact. Along the way, he explores ruins, dodges traps, fights Nazis, and kisses the girl. He does all that in just a minute and 15 seconds. Indy himself said, “It’s not the years, it’s mileage,” and with the miles-per-second he shows off here, he sure wasn’t kidding!



The Journey of Making an Indiana Jones Animated Movie

Schoenmaker spent five years making “The Adventures of Indiana Jones.” Because he works freelance gigs, he had to keep it as a side-project.

“This was mostly a one man job,” he told New York Daily News. “I am a freelance artist and I didn’t have the luxury to work on this full time. Instead, I tried to work on it as much as I could when I was in between freelance jobs…Animation is just a lot of work, you can’t just point a camera at anything, you have to create everything from scratch.”

The journey began with an “art jam” at an Internet message board, he said. “I submitted a pretty crude drawing of Indy, but it caught the attention of one of the people behind, one of the largest Indiana Jones fansites. They approached me to do some illustrations for their site.”

Once production began for “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” both Acme Archives and Topps hired him to create artwork for licensed merchandise. These products feature Schoenmaker’s signature cartoon style that he later used for the new Indiana Jones animated movie.


Fortune and Glory?

Schoemaker’s film received an overwhelmingly positive response upon release. Fans are also expressing clear interest in an animated series. Could Schoemaker’s work convince Disney to invest in a

cartoon show? As Schoenmaker told New York Daily News, “If my project inspires [Disney] to create an actual Indiana Jones animated series, that would be the biggest reward imaginable.” Now that there are rumors of an Indiana Jones expanded universe in the near future, that reward may not be far-fetched. It’d certainly be easier to gain the Holy Grail.

Harrison Ford will return as Indiana Jones for a fifth live-action film on July 19, 2019, so be sure to stay tuned for more updates!


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