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Legendarium TV Recap: Grimm


Grimm-Episode: Good to the Bone

Nick and Hank deal with a case where the victim’s bones seem to be liquefied and removed. They are led to a Wesen with a gruesome family arrangement. Nick and Hank visits the parents of the suspect to tell them about the death of their son. The parents do something that Nick and Hank would never expect. Wu deals with the possibility he’s been turned into a werewolf. Eve is tracking Renard’s phone to keep up with his whereabouts. Renard calls Adalind and asks her to meet him but not tell Nick. She agrees and gets Rosalee to babysit for her. When she meets Renard she’s drugged and taken to a secret location. She’s reunited with Diana when she wakes up. Will she tell Nick the truth about herself and that she’s met with Renard behind his back? Nick will find out regardless. Secrets have a way of coming out when you don’t want them too.



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