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Supergiant Games announces ‘Pyre’

The storytelling masters responsible for Bastion and Transistor have finally announced the third game in their reservoir, a party-based RPG for Steam and PS4 called Pyre.

From Supergiant Games, Pyre tells the story of a group of exiles, traversing a purgatory and participating in a competition that they hope could lead them home. Along the way the wanderers will encounter a sizable cast of characters with extensive stories that the player will connect with. Choices made throughout the journey will influence the fates of these characters.

Supergiant Games is known for telling incredible and deep stories set within well-built and distinctly unique worlds. Their works have been a staple in the video game industry, setting a very high bar for independent and AAA titles alike. Artist Jen Zee, composer-songwriter Darren Korb, and singer Ashley Barrett all return to once again contribute their extraordinary flare to a work by Supergiant.

Pyre doesn’t release until 2017, but Supergiant Games has announced that the game will be playable this weekend at their booth at PAX East. If you’re planning on attending PAX, be sure to check it out! You can find more information on the game here.