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March Nerd Block Unboxing (Doctor Who)


Subscription boxes are all the rage right now. No matter what you enjoy, I can almost guarantee that there’s a subscription box for it. I considered some literature boxes (such as Owlcrate or LitCube), but for $30-$40 I can purchase books that I WANT from Book Outlet without all of the buttons and Out of Print socks  (of which I already own several awesome pairs). 

That being said, I decided to give Nerd Block a go and see if it was worth the $20 a month.

My answer: yes and no.

I chose the three-month subscription, which gives you a discount. I think I ended up paying around $17 for each box, plus $10 shipping each month. March was a “Doctor Who-themed” box and I just love Doctor Who so I went for it. Let me remind folks that I signed up for the “Sci-Fi” subscription, as there are several different boxes to choose from. You can check out Nerd Block for these separate subscriptions.

So when my box arrived around the middle of the month, I was excited. What kind of cool Doctor Who swag would I find? POP Figures? A Who-themed T-shirt (please please please)?

Another reminder: the Sci-fi box has a miscellany of sci-fi goodies in it. The website tells you which franchises to expect. Thus, the whole BOX is not exclusively Doctor Who, just SOME items. My husband bought a Deadpool Lootcrate Box in February and received nothing but Deadpool items. However, Nerd Block doesn’t work that way. I expected a few different things, but honestly, I was not really happy with three of the items I received. Let’s start with those first and work our way up to my favorites:

What all did I get?

  1. First I received a Terminator t-shirt – meh:20160410_185512

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get a Doctor Who shirt, given that it was a Doctor Who box, but yeah, okay.








2) I also received two Fifth Element items: A Leeloo action figure and a Multi-Pass:


It’s cute, but frankly, I’m not a big Fifth Element fan.

3) I also received a nice Boba Fett print:20160410_185655 (1)
















4) And I received an AWESOME Groot POP Figure keychain which I absolutely ADORE. It now hangs from the zipper of my work bag:

















5 and 6) And finally, to the Doctor Who items. I received a nice cup and a Trump Card Set with a TARDIS metal container. These were great!



20160410_185753 (4)

Overall, I was pretty happy with the contents. Although I LOVE Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m not a big fan of Terminator (Sorry Arnold!) or The Fifth Element. I probably won’t keep these items. Of course, all this is a matter of perogative. I LOVE just about anything sci-fi (Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who) but there were some franchises in this box that I just wasn’t that excited about. I really enjoyed the Doctor Who items however, and it is worth $17 for the items that I will keep. The cup alone would be at least $10, and the keychain $5. The card set, I’m certain, is worth more than two bucks. I feel that I “got my money’s worth” in this box.

Next month is Star Wars, which makes me incredibly excited. I know that this month’s box will also have items from Spaceballs in it (which is technically still Star Wars-related since it is a parody). I’m excited to see what arrives at my doorstep.

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