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Legendarium TV Recap: Arrow, Supernatural and Grimm


Arrow-Episode: Broken Hearts

Cupid returns and causes all kinds of havoc for Oliver and the team to deal with. Felicity and Oliver have called off their engagement. They fake a wedding to get Cupid’s attention. Cupid shows up and shoots Oliver with an arrow. Felicity moves out of their place after Cupid has been dealt with. Will they reconcile before the end of the season? We will have to wait and see.  Damien Darhk has been arrested and will be facing trial. It doesn’t look like he is going to be around for the trial. Damien definitely has a plan to escape and most likely has a plan to get revenge on Oliver and the others for causing his current situation.


Supernatural-Episode: Safe House

Bobby and Rufus make a return in flashbacks. It was great to see the two of them again. They worked a case at the same house that Sam and Dean are investigating in tonight’s episode. Poor Sam and Dean dig up graves just to find out Bobby and Rufus had torched the bones because Bobby thought it was a ghost they were after and it wasn’t. Rufus kept telling him it was something else. Sam knew it couldn’t be a ghost. Solving the case would have been too easy if it were.  He thought there was more to the story about the house. The mother and child in both cases have weird marks on their ankles after being attacked. They are dealing with a souleater that Bobby and Rufus trapped in its nest on their case. Sam and Dean found out how to kill one but things will get worse before they get it done. One person has to paint a sigil in the real world and the other has to paint the same sigil in the same place while in the nest of the souleater. Dean is the one that has to go into the nest and he’s not happy about it.


Grimm-Episode: Lycanthropia

Nick and the others find out that werewolves are real. Renard and Adalind meet behind Nick’s back to discuss their daughter Diana. The suspect they are looking for is wesen but not the normal type they usually deal with. Monroe and Rosalee explain to them that certain types of wesen have a disease that will turn them into a lycanthrope. Eve contacts Nick and Hank about something she found that could implicate Renard in the assassination of the mayoral candidate he was campaigning for.  Wu is attacked by the lycanthrope and scratched. Does this mean he is going to become a lycanthrope?



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