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Rangers A Shadow Rising

From Rangers A Shadow Rising, a photo of Drustan Lore

Rangers A Shadow Rising is a little slice of fantasy with a side of action and a lot of suspense. The Forge Studios has done a brilliant job creating the kingdom of Olaran through their cinematography and sequences that represent another world. An almost instant immersion takes place, taking the watcher into someplace both enchanting and magical.

Rangers A Shadow Rising

I loved the introduction of the cast. It is paced nicely as we get a glimpse of each character before moving on to another person critical to the story. We are introduced to each one and then are left with questions of who they truly are, what their purpose is, when they’ve entered the adventure, and where they’ve actually come from as they add their elements to the story.

There is a sheer perfection in the casting of Rangers A Shadow Rising. Wolf J. Sherrill as Lt. Wolf emanates leadership and calm; Martin Lopez as Soren Fell radiates naiveté and enthusiasm; John Wells as Prince Korlan Magan commands the screen and domineers in all that he does; David Nordquist as Drustan Lore reveals an intelligent and aloof coolness; Sebrina Scott as Sabine portrays a desperate and yet strong personality; and Josh Murray as Tailis Eramos is remarkably intuitive and admirably keen. The addition of John J. Thomassen as Prince Korlan’s right hand man, Captain Azalieo, Dale Miller as Corsair, and Skip Lipman as Flynt Tanner provides excellent companions to Drustan Lore.

Rangers A Shadow Rising kept me on the edge of my seat as it answered many of my questions but left many more left unanswered. The special force of elite warriors operating on the edges of Olaran is impeccably trained and always ready to do what is necessary to protect. I can’t wait for the next episode to see what awaits our heroes and villains.

By Cathy Jackson

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