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Legendarium TV Recap: “Arrow”, “Supernatural”, “The Originals”, and “Grimm”



Oliver prepares for a mayoral debate. The team discovers the plan HIVE has to eliminate them once and for all. Lance wonders if Donna is better off without him. Thea finds out about William and confronts Oliver. He makes Thea swear to keep it a secret. Oliver does consider telling Felicity about William but doesn’t. Damien Darhk kidnaps William with intent to use him as leverage against Oliver.



Dean goes back in time to retrieve a weapon that could possibly be used against Amara. Sam finds out Castiel’s secret and tries to convince him to get rid of Lucifer. Lucifer meanwhile plans his next move while they wait for Dean to return. Dean is able to get his hands on the weapon and returns with it in time to find out about Castiel. Will he understand when Castiel tells him why he let Lucifer use him as a vessel.

The Originals

The Originals

Aurora uses Freya as bait to lure Klaus and Elijah into a trap. Hayley and Cami agree to disagree. Aya sends witches after Hayley to rip out her heart. The witches are killed. Aya decides to do it herself and Marcel stops her. Davina is able to spend time with Kol. Marcel procures a heart that Aya can use in the ritual she needs it for. Klaus and Elijah are able to save Freya. Klaus goes after Aurora to kill her while Elijah stays with Freya.



Monroe gets a call from a relative in the middle of the night that will help Nick find out more about his ancestors. The relative has gotten possession of some ancient books. Black Claw also has an interest in obtaining those books and they will kill anyone who gets in their including Monroe’s relative. Nick and the others learn more about Black Claw’s agenda. Monroe gets involved and it doesn’t end well for the Black Claw members sent to get the books.


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