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Legendarium Media Partners with The Forge Studios for Huge Leap in Fan-Generated Content


TUCSON, AZ, February 18, 2016 – Today, Legendarium Media, LLC, an entertainment news and online publishing company, announced a partnership with The Forge Studios, LLC. The Forge Studios will take over management of the Legendarium News site under the leadership of Ron Newcomb as the newly-appointed Chief Operating Officer of Legendarium Media, LLC, operating under the supervision of Erik Yeager, who has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer.

“Legendarium News has a phenomenal writing team, and Ron and his team at The Forge Studios understand our core audience and they’re interested in the stories that we and our readers are interested in,” said Erik Yeager, CEO. “The Forge Studios has a proven record of success in social media engagement and content creation, and they will be instrumental in helping Legendarium to achieve a new level of success in the sci-fi, fantasy, and historical fiction online news space.”

In addition to operating an online news site, Legendarium is an innovative new media company that publishes genre-based scholarly articles and engages with their highly-focused fan community through collaborative writing projects (with partner,, community forums, and social media. Legendarium is also developing original publishing and filmed entertainment content, and bringing in The Forge Studios to manage the news site will enable the Legendarium team to carry out its vision for deeper community engagement initiatives and original content creation on a more aggressive timeline.

“The Forge Studios is serving our community with fantasy and sci-fi games and film content,” says Ron Newcomb, President of The Forge Studios. “Legendarium will give us a place where we can join together with the community and engage fans. There is a fine line between fans and creators, and we believe the line needs to be blurred even more. We invite others into the creative process to join us in creating the content we all want to see and be a part of. The Forge believes in together filmmaking, and Legendarium will give our fans a collective voice!”

The Forge Studios is a film and gaming company that exists to bring narrative stories of light and hope to life. The Forge founding members have brought indie films to life with such titles as “Rise of the Fellowship” (Best Feature Film at GenCon Film Festival), “Made in the USA: The 30 Day Journey”, and “Darkon” (Audience Choice Award SXSW). The team has also brought to life “Genre Wars” a film competition where the winner carries along the storyline, as well as the action adventure fantasy pilot, “The Rangers”. The team has also brought to life “The Rangers Combat Card Game” based upon “The Rangers” storyline.

From the dual perspective of both fan and sub-creator,” said John DiBartolo, Legendarium Media co-founder and Director of Special Projects, “I am greatly inspired by the vision that both teams now bring on this quest together.  This new fellowship is a rallying call to fans and content creators who love fantasy & sci-fi as much as we do!”

About Legendarium Media, LLC

Legendarium-Logo---02Legendarium Media, LLC, exists to provide the global community of fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction fans and content creators with news, interviews, and original content (including published works, audio and video content, music, and filmed entertainment) associated with the closely-related fantasy, science fiction, and historical fiction genres.

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About The Forge Studios, LLC

The Forge IconThe Forge Studios, LLC. is an independent studio owned and operated by professionals who are passionate about storytelling through the art of film. Their primary goal is to establish a Film Community and empower talented professionals as well as the novice, who are as passionate about film as they are. They invite you to join them in their mission of Together Filmmaking by telling narrative stories of light and hope.

About Legendarium Media

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