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Legendarium TV Recap: “Arrow”, “Supernatural”, “The Originals”, and “Grimm”



Tonight’s episode put Oliver in a situation he didn’t want but he had no choice. Nyssa and Malcolm were using his sister’s life as a bargaining chip. Nyssa wanted Malcolm dead and he wasn’t about to give up his power. Nyssa has something that will help Thea but won’t give it to Oliver until Malcolm is dealt with. Laurel has a talk with Nyssa about how what she’s doing isn’t right. Oliver finally gets Malcolm to agree to a plan that would benefit everyone or so he thought. Felicity finds out what kind of person her father really is and that he is The Calculator. Malcolm threatens Oliver after they meet with Nyssa. Oliver and Felicity decide to get married as soon as they can. Malcolm meets with Damien Darhk and tells him about Oliver’s son.



Dean and Sam investigate murders where the victims are killed when their hearts are ripped out of their chests. As they investigate they find out they are dealing with a witch who is giving the victims a spell to chant but it’s actually an ancient curse. It’s the kiss of death. When a victim is kissed they are marked to die. Sam and Dean have to figure out how to stop the curse before Dean becomes the next victim. Dean is saved when Sam breaks the curse by killing the witch and destroying the cursed object she was using.


The Originals

Things aren’t looking good for the Mikaelsons. Klaus isn’t having a good day. Cami has disappeared and Hayley argues with him about her and about their daughter. Cami is with Vincent and he’s hiding her from Klaus. She has the very weapon Aurora and other vampires are looking for so they can kill the Mikaelson brothers. Aurora is able to get her hands on it by using a young witch to find out where it is and get it for her. Klaus confronts Cami about letting the witch take it from her. He becomes even angrier when he finds out Aurora has it. Elijah confronts members of the Strix about meeting behind his back. Marcel takes matters into his own hands and challenges both Elijah and Aya to a race to find the object he took. If they don’t find it Marcel takes back control of the city.



Eve puts her powers to use this week. The war against Black Claw ramps up as well. Trubel visists Nick and tells him Meisner wants to meet with everyone to find out where they stand on going up against Black Claw. Eve and Trubel work together against Black Claw. Nick, Hank, and Wu investigate a string of murders where the victim is found on a cross that is tied to an ancient Wesen ritual. Monroe goes undercover to help them find a serial killer.


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