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Legendarium Recap: Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals and Grimm

Legendarium Recap: Arrow, Supernatural, The Originals and Grimm by Dianne Riggins

Looks like some new players are in town and they are the Legends of Tomorrow. Oliver and Barry (The Flash) team up in tonight’s crossover to try and stop immortal Vandal Savage from killing Kendra (Hawkgirl) and Carter (Hawkman) again. Oliver finds out something he thought was always true actually is. Felicity and Oliver argue over the secrets he’s been keeping.


Imaginary friends are being killed. Sam gets a visit from his childhood imaginary friend (Sully) and Dean isn’t happy about it. Sully gives Sam and Dean the ability to see other imaginary friends so they can see the crime scenes. One of them survives to tell them that a girl ran away after stabbing him and jumped into a getaway vehicle. The other friends were killed or injured to get Sully’s attention. The killer turns out to be a young girl who felt Sully let her down when she needed him most. Dean was able to talk her out of attempting to kill Sully. Dean and Sam discuss the visions of the cage on their way back to the bunker. Next week Lucifer returns as does Amara. What can Lucifer’s return mean for everyone?

The Originals
The Originals
Aurora uses Cami as bait to bring Klaus to her. Marcel is visited by a member of The Strix and she forces him to help bring down Elijah and Freya. Hayley helps torture Tristan to try and get the exact location of where Rebekah is buried. Finn makes a surprise return. Klaus kills Lucien. Hayley really needs to decide which side she is on. She doesn’t want anything to do with Klaus and the others but she drops everything she’s doing when Elijah calls on her. Marcel tricks The Strix into believing he helped bring Elijah down. Cami is attacked by the new vampires that Aurora created. Klaus and Aurora have words over Cami. Next week Rebekah returns. What does this mean for The Strix and their plan to eliminate the Mikaelsons?

Nick takes Trubel to the hospital. He learns a few things about her while going through her jacket. What he learns makes him wonder who she really is. She is in danger at the hospital as well. Meisner tries to make contact with Nick to make sure Trubel got to him instead he gets Adalind on the phone. She recognizes his voice and tells Nick who he is. Meisner and Nick work together to save Trubel at the hospital when some wesen try to kidnap her. Nick, Hank, Wu, Rosalee, and Monroe go up against the Rat King. Next week will be interesting.

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