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Once Upon a Time is Going the Distance

Once Upon a Time is Going the Distance
By David Glenn


Once Upon a Time has added a whole collection of fairy tale characters over the years, and has developed a mythology around the characters we know. Speaking of mythology, there has been references to such legends over the show. From the appearance of Poseidon and Medusa to references to Pegasus and the Chimera. Well, now it appears that some of Greece’s greatest legends will be coming to the show. And since Once Upon a Time is essentially Disney, that means we can give a big welcome to Hercules and Megara.

Not much has been revealed, except that Hercules will be played by Jonathan Whitesell and the actress Kacey Rohl has landed the role of his love Megara. They are slated to appear in the episode “Labor of Love”, and some details of their characters have been revealed. Hercules is working on becoming a true hero, and true to the show’s portrayals of female characters Megara will be there to help him. Earlier in the season we also got a big tease as Robin Hood nearly got dragged into the underworld by a Fury. The appearance of the Fury, as well as a boat in the background with a hooded figure that could only be Charon, hints that the Lord of the Dead, Hades, might be coming to Storybrooke soon. More details as they come.

David Glenn

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