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Legendarium Recap: Supernatural, Arrow, The Originals, and Grimm

Legendarium Recap: Supernatural, Arrow, The Originals, and Grimm

by Diane Riggins



The brothers investigate some murders that happen to be taking place at Lizzie Borden’s old home. They are told by one of the locals that a girl was seen near the B&B. Dean and Sam think it might be Amara (the darkness). They figure out that it’s not a ghost doing the killings when they find the equipment used to rig the old house to turn it into a haunted attraction. They track down the killer and she tells them about meeting Amara and what happened during their interaction with each other.



Sara is back and on a destructive path. Is Laurel regretting her decision to bring her back? Oliver calls in an old friend who happens to be John Constantine to help deal with Sara when things get worse with her. Sara attacks Thea while she’s in the hospital. Lance and John have a talk about John’s brother and H.I.V.E.

The Originals


Klaus receives a visit from a mystery person who is most likely Aurora. Elijah believes Tristan is hiding something and enlists Marcel’s help to find out what. Davina is still coming to terms with her regent status. She seeks out Hayley of all people to get advice. Cami is arrested for the murders. Is she doing it or has she been set up? A secret is uncovered that may tear the Mikaelson brothers apart for good. Will they let it or will they stand together?



Nick’s and Adalind’s son has been born. Trubel is still missing. Nick’s trying to figure out exactly what happened the night Trubel was taken and Juliette died. Rosalee stays with Adalind while Nick helps Hank and Wu on a case where the suspect is wesen and killed his boss. The suspect is turned over to a couple of US Marshalls and Nick tries to warn them about him without sounding crazy. Nick receives a visit from a couple of FBI agents. More wesen and humans alike are killed. Strange markings are left behind at the crime scenes. Are the markings tied to the mysterious group that may or may not be responsible for Trubel’s disappearance.

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