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The Lonely Mountain Band Releases, “Stand by the Grey Stone”

Lonely Mountain Band have released a new single entitled, “Stand by the Grey Stone”, inspired by the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien. This new song, recorded & released approximately around Durin’s Day, 2015, blends LMB’s signature “folk fantasy” style with a classic folk rock sound.

The story of the song revolves around a minstrel reflecting on some of the elements and characters of The Hobbit’s story, especially on the cryptic instructions given on Thorin’s Map.

“As the minstrel quest of the Lonely Mountain Band carries on, I try to release a single song now and again, unrelated to an album, instead of just leaving long gaps between full album releases. As we get closer to a fourth LMB album, I’m hoping fans of the music will enjoy this standalone tale.”, comments John Di Bartolo, the minstrel behind the band.

“Stand by the Grey Stone” was written, produced, & all instruments performed & recorded by John Di Bartolo.

Support the Minstrel Quest by purchasing this song for eleventy-one cents (or more if you like) – and please do share it with friends on your various social networks.

The original cover artwork was created by Bladesmith & Fine Artist David Delagardelle of Cedarlore Forge.

The song can be heard at this link, along with lyrics:


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