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Legendarium RECAP: Supernatural, Arrow and The Originals

Legendarium RECAP: Supernatural, Arrow and The Originals by Diane Riggins


This episode was about the Impala better known as Baby. Sam and Dean discover a new monster. The monster is a cross between a Ghoul and vampire. Young John Winchester makes an appearance and visits Sam in a dream. Is it really John or someone using him as a vessel to give the boys a message? Dean gets into a bit of trouble and Baby gets messed up more so than usual. Blood on her windows, a head in the cooler in the back seat and a bloody knife under the seat, two girls steal her and take her for a spin. Cas is still recovering and doing research for them while they are out in the field. In the end though they slay the monster and save the day.

Great episode. Laurel deals with the consequences of taking Sara to Nanda Parbat. Oliver asks Lance for a favor and is surprised when he learns something after getting Lance’s response. Laurel has to convince her dad not to do anything to Sara when he sees her. Felicity is juggling dealing with her company and the things she does for the team. Oliver will most likely be the only candidate to survive the mayor’s race. The team won’t let anything happen to him and he knows what they are up against. Damien Darhk and the H.I.V.E. will be taken down somehow. Oliver will make sure that happens.

The Originals
The Originals
Elijah and Hayley attend a gala thrown by a group of ancient vampires known as The Strix. Elijah hopes to uncover why Tristan is in New Orleans while he’s at the gala. Marcel attends and time runs out for him to give them an answer. The ring that allows him to walk in the daylight is taken. Klaus being his usual self shows up and creates a scene by confronting Tristan. When will Aurora finally show up and what are her plans when she does? Is the prophecy going to come true after all?

Great start to the season. Juliette is dead and Trubel is missing along the head of Nick’s mom. There is a secret organization out to kill Wesen. Adalind has the baby and Nick goes after an FBI agent and threatens her. Hank, Renard, Monroe, Rosalee, and Wu fear he’s lost it because of Juliette’s death. They all agree that they need to watch him and try to intervene several times when he’s doing something. Is Juliette really dead? The body has gone missing right along with Trubel and the head of Nick’s mom. Nick is warned that what is coming can’t be stopped not even by a Grimm. What is coming and how powerful is it?

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