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Legendarium Recap: Supernatural, Arrow, and The Originals

Legendarium Media Recap: Supernatural, Arrow, and The Originals by Diane Riggins



Three episodes in and Amara is now a young girl. She is still with Crowley who is trying to use her for his own gain but she seems to be the one running the show. You have to wonder how long Crowley will let her continue controlling him and his staff. Rowena has released Cas from the curse she placed on him. Now Dean and Sam are trying to help him recover while they hunt for Amara. Will Cas recover from the curse? Rowena tries everything she can to protect herself from Dean and Sam. The angels that had Cas wanted to find Metatron. Does that mean we will more than likely see him this season along with possibly either Michael or Lucifer or both? If they show up what side are they going to be on? Who else could possibly show up and would they be helping Dean and Sam or trying to stop them?

The tension between Oliver and Diggle continues and puts both their lives in jeopardy when they go after Damien Darhk and a H.I.V.E. meta-human. Is Diggle becoming a liability for the team because of his personal agenda? Will his personal agenda lead to someone on the team being killed because he refuses to let them help him? Laurel and Thea go to Nanda Parbat to ask Thea’s father to put Sara in the Lazarus Pit. Laurel is shocked when the request is refused. Thea and her father have a conversation that is more like a confrontation about what is happening to her. Felicity is working on the project for the company. Will she be able to pull it off and get the results she’s wanting or will everything backfire for her?

The Originals
Klaus and Elijah work together to uncover Lucien’s true motives for being in New Orleans. Davina is trying to keep her hold over the coven. Tristan makes his presence in New Orleans known and Aurora is on her way. A mystery person makes Marcel a very interesting offer. Hayley tries to cope with everything. Cami comes face to face with Lucien and learns some things about his past with Klaus. Is Tristan behind the murders or is it Lucien? Could there be someone else entirely and what do they have to do with the vampires already in town? Will Hayley and Klaus ever get on the same page about raising their daughter?

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