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Legendarium Reviews: Supernatural, Arrow, The Originals

Legendarium Reviews by Diane Riggins

Supernatural: Season 11, Episode 2


Sam races to find a cure. Dean drops Jenna and the baby off at her grandmothers. Sam meets the new reaper in town Billie and she has a message for them. The next time they die they won’t be coming back. Cas is held and tortured for information about Metatron. Jenna gets into a bad situation and calls Dean for help. He goes to help her leaving Sam to figure out things on his own. Dean gets to Jenna’s to find Crowley posing as a priest who does exorcisms. While they deal with Jenna and the baby Sam finds a cure and tries it on himself to see if it works. Dean and Crowley get a first hand look at just how powerful The Darkness is. The baby is now a little girl and has left Jenna’s. Crowley finds her and shows the gifts he has for her.

The cure works and Sam cures some of the other victims that are still alive. Dean tries to help Jenna but it’s too late. Crowley is trying to use The Darkness for his own benefit but of course he wouldn’t be Crowley if he didn’t. With everything that has happened in the two episodes it is shaping up to be a great season.

Well it seems that Klaus hasn’t changed at all even though he is raising his daughter Hope. One would think that maybe he would change even a little because of her but he hasn’t. There’s a new player in town and they are having the wolves killed. It’s possible Hayley might be dead along with the rest of her pack. We didn’t find out for certain in the first episode. All the killings have done is make Elijah angry and when he finds out who is behind the wolf kills it won’t end well for the person. The new mystery person isn’t the only one showing up in New Orleans. It seems someone from Klaus’s past has shown up as well. Lucien is in town trying to get Klaus to let him help him. Klaus doesn’t trust him but of course he wouldn’t be Klaus if he did trust people.

Freya is still around as is Vincent. Someone is killing people and Vincent asks Camille to help him analyze the crime scene of the first known victim to try and help the police establish a profile of the killer. Who is killing people and are they sending a message to all the vampires or is it directed just at Klaus.
Some of the witches still don’t trust Davina. One of them even goes so far as to try and injure her in front of the other witches. If the first episode is any indication the season is going to be very interesting.

Arrow: Season 4 Episode 2


The team races to find the bomb and stop it from exploding. They get to it in time. Felicity is dealing with being in charge of a company on her own. Thea is starting to exhibit side effects from the Lazarus Pit. She and Oliver fight. Felicity asks one of her employees to help with some business issues concerning the company. Oliver and Thea have dinner with a family friend Madison Danforth who informs them she is going to run for Mayor.

They try to talk her out of it especially since the last few candidates have been killed not long after announcing their intentions to run. She is attacked at a press conference. Oliver and the team find out some more about who they are dealing with. Madison Danforth’s daughter is taken in order to get her to leave the Mayor’s race. The Green Arrow and Speedy find her before her captor has a chance to kill her. Oliver is told by several people that The Green Arrow doesn’t offer the city the one thing that it needs and that is hope. He tells Felicity he’s going to give the city hope he’s going to run for Mayor. It was another great episode.

It’s definitely looking like it will be a great season of Arrow.

The Originals: Season 3 Episode 2


Davina has Hayley and will take away the curse that Klaus put on her for a price. Hayley has to kill another witch for Davina in order for Davina to help her. Hayley agrees since it means she can be with her daughter all the time. Elijah confronts Lucien about the pack killings because Lucien is the owner of the company that bought the land. Jackson confronts Klaus about Hayley. Hayley not only kills the witch but several more die as well. Davina is threatened by the son of the witch that she wanted Hayley to kill. Is Lucien behind the murders or is it Tristan? Is Freya doing things to keep everyone feuding with each other. What does she stand to gain from it if she is?

Freya helps by seeing what she can about the prophecy. She tells Klaus and Elijah it’s true that someone is coming to kill them. She repeats the prophecy to them One by friend, One by foe, and One by Family. The list is long for people who want to see the Mikaelsons dead especially Klaus. So, fans make your pick of who you think it might be and watch to see you’re right.

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