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Japan’s Second Most Famous Monster is Returning!

Japan’s Second Most Famous Monster is Returning! By David Glenn

We are all still happy that Godzilla has returned to the big screen last year, and are waiting eagerly for the sequel to come out while Toho is also working on doing their own Godzilla films, one of which is supposed to come out next year. However Japan’s second most famous kaiju is also returning to the big screen. Presenting the one and only Gamera!

You may not have seen him before, but he is no pushover. Having been a defender of Earth for decades, it looks like the giant prehistoric turtle will be needed again. When Godzilla first came out in Japan Gamera followed close behind him. Gamera, like the King of Monsters, was originally a giant prehistoric creature that woke up after millions of years. However there was a difference between Godzilla and Gamera: the giant turtle had a soft spot for children.

As the years passed both Godzilla and Gamera became defenders of Earth, and both would have their origins changed for new generations. Unlike Godzilla, Gamera’s origin was changed to give him a connection to a long-lost civilization. Gamera’s focus has remained to protect the Earth and those who dwell there, noticeably children.

The trailer shows that another classic monster the giant turtle has faced is coming. The evil pterosaur monsters, more commonly known as Gyaos, are constantly threatening Earth, so of course Gamera has to stop them. This film looks like it’s taking advantage of the advancements in technology and CGI to give new life to Gamera. Hopefully this film will attract a new generation of fans.
In the meantime, enjoy this clip from a classic film of Gamera.

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