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Fandom: An Awesome Collection of Shows

Fandom: An Awesome Collection of Shows by Diane Riggins

Fandoms in general are great to be part of. As a fan you meet and become friends with people you might not otherwise meet. There are many fandoms and each are great in their own ways. The two that are going to be discussed here are The Lord of The Rings and Supernatural. I’m proud to be part of both fandoms.


I became part of The Lord of The Rings after watching the movies. I read the books again after watching them. I now watch the movies and read the books once a year. I love this fandom because you can always find someone to talk to about the movies and the books. There are celebrations of things like Bilbo’s and Frodo’s birthday.


The Supernatural fandom is one that being part of continues to blow me away. I started watching the show during Season 3 and quickly caught up on the first few seasons and have been a fan since. The fans and their dedication is mind blowing sometimes. Fans will hold fundraisers and donate the money to different causes that the actors champion. There has been a fundraiser in the past for St. Jude’s children’s hospital. Another cause that fans raise money for is March of Dimes. There is always something the fans are doing.

In the end, fandoms are awesome and I’m happy to be part of several which include Arrow, Grimm, and The Originals and the ones talked about here.

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