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New Star War Toys Revealed

As seems to be custom with any highly-anticipated release, some stores have broken the street date for new The Force Awakens merchandise (having worked in retail before I can assure you this has happened several times with other big titles such as Avengers and even Hot Wheels). Whether because of some fans getting the merchandise early and putting them up on eBay or perhaps in spite of it, Hasbro has released a sampling of their new toys ready for their official release on September 4th.

Star Wars Reporter has more pics, but be warned that there are possible spoilery speculations based on what can be seen from the lineup.

Here are some of my favorites (dibs on that BB-8!):


1611_1200x1200x80_Star_Wars_Hasbro_Catalog63 1568_1200x1200x80_Star_Wars_Hasbro_Catalog20 1563_1200x1200x80_Star_Wars_Hasbro_Catalog15

1578_1200x1200x80_Star_Wars_Hasbro_Catalog30 1580_1200x1200x80_Star_Wars_Hasbro_Catalog32

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