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Once Upon a Time Reveals The Dark Swan

Once Upon a Time reveals The Dark Swan
By David Glenn


Just when you think things are smooth sailing on Once Upon a Time an unexpected wave capsizes the boat. The finale of season four has proven that to be true, with the darkness taking the Savior Emma Swan as it’s new host. Today on the EW the Savior’s new look has been revealed, as well as her new title: The Dark Swan.

Her appearance is drastically different from that of Rumplestiltskin’s, and according to Edward Kitsis it’s meant to be different. The darkness manifests itself differently in each host, and that could be trouble for our characters. Emma has been getting stronger with her light magic, and before that she tracked people down for a living and understands technology. That could easily make her one of the most dangerous Dark One’s in history.

There is still hope. Edward Kitsis has said that Emma will still be fighting the darkness from within. That could mean it hasn’t taken her completely. However we have seen in past seasons that the darkness is too strong even for the love of Belle and Rumplestiltskin to overcome, and love is the most powerful force in the universe of Once Upon a Time. Rumplestiltskin has found ways to use the love of others as a weapon for his own needs in the past, and the Dark Swan might do the same. Still Emma’s friends and family will be heading to Camelot this fall to try and save her with the aid of Merlin.


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