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ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” Heading to Camelot

Once Upon a Time Heading to Camelot.
By David Glenn


As many of you know, on the finale for season four of Once Upon a Time to save Rumplestiltskin and Regina from the darkness that is the Dark One Emma Swan sacrificed herself, effectively becoming the new Dark One as the dagger revealed. However hope is not lost. The Apprentice revealed that the only one who can defeat the darkness is his master, who was revealed to be Merlin. This means that after four seasons our favorite cast of fairy tale characters will be heading to Camelot.

In the meantime the roles for the Knights of the Round Table are being filled out. Lancelot, portrayed by Sinqua Walls in season two, will be returning for season five. His role might be limited to flashbacks probably to show how the greatest knight of the Round Table fell from grace. Even more exciting is that Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have found their King Arthur. British Actor Liam Garrigan has been crowned to play the Once and Future King.

Garrigan, who has appeared in Strike Back and The Pillars of Earth, will appear in the premiere of season five and will recur throughout the season. It makes sense because you can’t have Camelot without King Arthur. Other regulars this season will be Rebecca Mader as Zelena the Wicked Witch of the West and Sean Maguire as Robin Hood. With the casting of King Arthur it’s a matter of time before someone is cast to play Queen Guinevere and the wizard Merlin. Who knows? Maybe we might see people cast as Mad Madam Mim or even Morgana le Fay.

David Glenn

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