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“The Man That Time Forgot” Audiobook Read by Voice Actor, Richard Ridings

The Man That Time Forgot, Amazon’s Number 1 Time Travel novel, is now an Audiobook read by the World’s most beloved voice artist RICHARD RIDINGS (‘Peppa Pig’ as Daddy Pig, ‘Rise of the Planet of The Apes’, ‘The Pianist’, HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones‘, ‘Highlander’ ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ ‘Dungeon Keeper’)

The Story:

History is a great big lie. Just open any book or talk to any history professor and they’ll tell you that history is filled with nothing but glorious battles, great leaders, plagues, large fires, earthquakes, famous inventors, Egyptians and Louis Pasteur. This couldn’t be further from the truth. History, in fact, is filled with a whole lot of nothing.

Andrew Adams knows that only too well. He’s an ordinary man living his life in the all too abundant and mundane spaces between those great moments. Just like all ordinary men he spends much of his life wondering what the point of it all is, struggling to form meaningful relationships or find his place in society. Andrew’s life follows a daily routine much like that of many others: he wakes up, does the minimum required to get himself through the day – careful not to learn too much or create a lasting impression on anyone – and then goes back to bed. There’s only one, ever-so-minor inconvenience that continually stands in the way of Andrew’s ignorantly blissful life Time-travel.

Since before he can remember every time Andrew sleeps he’s randomly flung through time and space, never knowing where or when he’ll wake up. The only thing he can be certain of is that the location he arrives at won’t be anywhere exciting. He’s a cursed man who had no idea why this happens to him, clueless to how it all started or how it can be stopped. Rarely does he find a place to fit in and, on those rare occasions that he does, he can only stay there until he loses his fight against sleep. Andrew Adams has all but given up hope and given up on life.That is until he meets someone else like him who sets in motion a chain of events that will lead him on a journey of discovery and answers to questions that perhaps even he didn’t want to know. With the help of a mysterious and tenacious woman, an old drunken priest and a seven-foot, psychopathic assassin Andrews life is about to be given a purpose.

Finally he might start to view his abilities as a gift instead of a curse and perhaps learn that there’s always something to be thankful for. Whether he wants to or not. For fans of Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy, Back To The Future and Groundhog Day type-humor. The Man That Time Forgot has been praised for it’s British tone and message. An adventure that takes the reader through Rome, World War II Poland, North England and beyond, The Man That Time Forgot must be read to be believed.

***Edition 2 of the Novel is now out in Paperback and in Kindle form. It has now been fully produced, edited, proofed, amended and dipped in a Lazarus Pit to ensure a perfect reading experience.***

COMING SOON! An interview with the authors and a digital copy GIVEAWAY of this Amazon best seller!


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