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Corus and Mainframe are Rebooting ‘ReBoot’

ReBoot: The Guardian CodeBack in the early 1990s, ReBoot was one of the first computer animated cartoons. The different look to the animation drew me into the show, and the stories kept me there. In later seasons of the show, they parodied everything from Star Trek to Power Rangers.

After many years of planning and a few false starts, Corus Entertainment has given the green light to Mainframe Entertainment, the television division of Vancouver-based animation studio Rainmaker Entertainment, to produce 26 half-hour episodes of a re-imagined version of the classic animated television series.

“Reboot: The Guardian Code” will be a hybrid live-action/CG-animated series. It will be distributed globally by TWC/Dimension Television (excluding Canada).

ReBoot: The Guardian Code is an adventure-comedy series about four teens (Austin, Parker, Grey and Tamra) who discover that they’re next-gen Guardians with a mission to save the world, by defending it in cyberspace. The Internet revolutionized the world, but it also left it vulnerable to attack. With the help of VERA, the last surviving cyberbeing from the original Guardian Program, our heroes stream into cyberspace where they use their awesome code-based powers to battle viruses that have been unleashed by a ruthless hacker. Known only as the Sourcerer, he seeks to rule the world by controlling cyberspace. Original fans of the show will be happy to hear that Megabyte will be back and he’s getting a major upgrade. ReBoot will showcase leading edge technologies and bring coding into the mainstream for kids.

When Austin, Parker, Grey and Tamra are not trying to stop viruses from overloading a nuclear power station, or remotely opening a dam to flood a city, or playing Criss Cross Crash Hour with a city’s transportation grid, our heroes are being typical teens: arguing with their parents over curfews; dealing with crushes; or trying to avoid getting suspended for skipping class when they’re really on a cyber mission to save the world!

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