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Surprise Return in Star Wars Rebels?

Freddie Prinze, Jr., voice actor for Kanan in Star Wars Rebels, posted this tweet over the weekend:
fpj 6-7-15
That picture is of a portion of bust of Sith-assassin-turned-bounty-hunter Asajj Ventress that Sideshow Collectibles released a few years ago. Without spoiling Dark Disciple, this brings up a few very important questions:

1) If this is true, in what capacity would Asajj return?

2) If this isn’t true, is Freddie willing to compensate me for emotional distress in getting my hopes up only to dash them?

3) If this is a photo of a bust that he owns (not just one from the Internet) , how much would it take to get him to part with it so I can add it to my own Asajj merch collection? No, seriously. How much?

The season two premiere of Rebels airs on Disney XD at 9PM on June 20, 2015.

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