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Holodad sci-fi Kickstarter campaign enters final week


Holodad - Spaceship

From Kickstarter Land – With only one week left in the all or nothing Kickstarter campaign for HOLODAD, director Luke Stewart and his children—the stars of this family-made sci-fi film looking to the internet for completion funds—are making a final plea and thank you to their community. You can see the family’s thank you video in the latest project update, HERE.

It’s a shame to see such worthy projects fail at reaching the traction necessary to succeed in the tough and over-crowded crowdfunding space, but there is still time for HOLODAD, so if you love science fiction and want to support an independent filmmaker in the pursuit of his dreams, head over to the Kickstarter campaign, contribute for one of the great incentives, and share the project with everyone you know.

We need more sci-fi fare, so please get onboard and help make this happen!

For more information, check out Legendarium Media’s launch article, HERE.

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