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ARTHUR & MERLIN film releasing NEXT week on Legendarium!

A&M Arthur's sword

UPDATE (April 17th, 2015) – Movieworks has decided to delay the film’s release until next week to make sure that all of the affiliate releasing partners in the U.S. and U.K. are able to release simultaneously. Sorry for the delay!

Legendarium Media is excited to announce a new partnership with Sheffield-based independent production company, Movieworks, for the innovative release of the fantasy adventure film, ARTHUR & MERLIN!

The film is an epic fantasy adventure of good against evil, that tells the story of these two iconic characters as you’ve never seen it before. Directed by Marco van Belle, the film stars Kirk Barker as Arthur and Stefan Butler as Merlin.

The script, written by Marco van Belle and Kat Wood, was inspired by the same Celtic tales that J.R.R. Tolkien read as a young man, and presents a compelling new origins story for these two iconic characters.

In dark ages Britain, a time of myth and magic, a powerful druid is bent on destroying the Celtic people. Arthur, a banished warrior, and Merlin, a hermit wizard, embark on a heroic quest to stop the druid and save their people, before the Celts are gone forever, lost to mere myth themselves.


ARTHUR & MERLIN will be releasing this week, so stay tuned on for more information.

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