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Check Out This Amazing Star Wars “TIE Fighter” Anime Short Film

Artist and animator Paul Johnson has painstakingly hand drawn and animated this amazing seven and a half minute long Star Wars short film “TIE Fighter” by himself over the course of four years.

That’s right. Hand drawn. One person. Four years!

The film makes some bold musical choices (provided by guitar soloist Zak Rahman) for a Star Wars film, which I suspect the viewer will either love or hate. For fans of Star Wars and old school animation, this film will almost certainly please. But even if you are not a fan of the anime genre, particularly old school hand drawn anime, you have to appreciate the talent and effort that went into single-handedly creating this film.

“TIE Fighter” showcases an impressive battle between the warring Empire and Rebellion, and even without dialogue the film manages to introduce and familiarize the audience with several ‘hero’ characters during the frenetic battle.

It’s a bold and interesting take on Star Wars, seeing these battles from the predominant point of view of the Empire. But one that’s certainly worth watching.

Now where are my PC Joystick and my old CD-ROM copies of XvT, I wonder…


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