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Vikings Season 3: ‘Scarred’ (*Spoilers*)

This was the episode we were waiting for! Speculation was high and we couldn’t imagine what was going to happen.

We start off in Kattegat with a very tired Aslaug. Ivar will not stop crying because he is in pain. Aslaug gives up and leaves her children once again as she goes to seek out the Wanderer. While she is away Siggy mulls over wanting to regain power and regain the memory of back when she was wife of an earl.

The Wanderer tells us another myth which could easily be identified with Odin the Allfather. The myth he was telling is about Olaf his son High Duke at that moment but will be king when he meets Odin in the myths. (see here)

Rollo and Aethelwolf speak of friendship. Rollo needs to tell Floki why this is so important and here we see Rollo show beginnings of his political dealings.


In this conversation Floki is very critical of the baptism of Rollo. He feels that this also makes him a Christian and is a betrayal of the gods. Floki feels that the gods have demonstrated their anger and wrath toward Rollo and his friends because of his betrayal, and that Rollo and Ragnar do not fully appreciate the severity of this. Later, Rollo talks about this conversation with Ragnar. Ragnar wants to challenge the gods. Rollo makes up his mind and goes to search for Floki to tell him that he will never let it come to that, yet another calculated political decision.

Lets talk about King Ecbert and his plan to rule Wessex, Mercia and in time perhaps Northumbria as well. He clearly wasn’t prepared for Lagertha to return home and had hoped she would remain at his side. Athelstan also chooses to return home with Ragnar. King Ecbert tells him in no uncertain terms that this is the wrong decision. Athelstan however thinks he is wise to leave because he want to give Princess Judith the space to stay with Eathelwolf. Is this the right or wrong decision? To be continued…


Most all of the King Ecbert and Ragnar scenes are very entertaining as they show the nuanced relationship these two kings have.  They both love (or are at least infatuated with) the same woman, both have shrewd political minds and they can both read each other very well. It makes for compelling drama.

When Siggy goes after the two sons of Ragnar on the ice to save them once again, she herself dies!


Later we see that the Wanderer is there for people who suffer. He sees Aslaug, Ivar and Siggy suffer. So the Wanderer (Odin) told Helga and Aslaug that Siggy is in Valhalla. Most blogs I read were talking about Siggy being condemned to go to Hellheim. I will stay with my decision that the Wanderer Odin made the decision to let her into Valhalla. Odin is, after all, the one who decides where the dead go.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of this episode, Princess Kwindreth becomes a Queen herself by poisoning her own brother, whom she appeared to fight so hard to save in earlier episodes. Also we have a return surprise from two characters, Erlundor son of King Horik is back with his wife Torvi who is the ex-wife of “Blood Eagled” Jarl Borg. Intriguingly they’ve brought a child of the recently deceased Jarl Borg with them.

The plot to get rid of the Lothbroks thickens…


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