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Review: Star Wars Rebels Season One Finale


Where do I even start? So much was packed into this half-hour finale, yet it worked beautifully rather than get bogged down.

Standout points: the Inquisitor mocking Kanan with the one thing he probably has never even told Hera and still feels guilt over. Keeping continuity with the TIE fighter Zeb and Ezra claimed they got rid of in “Fighter Flight” (which also explained Ezra’s mysterious reason for missing training in “Path of the Jedi”). The final fight with the Inquisitor and his subsequent fall (*rimshot*). FULCRUM’S APPEARANCE (even though it was probably the worst kept secret throughout the entire season)! Vader’s appearance.

Everything was just so on point and a wonderful continuation of The Clone Wars and expansion on the Star Wars mythos in general.

AhsokaSWRBut especially this!

As much as I loved the season finale, there were two things in particular that I didn’t care for.

1) The Inquisitor’s death. It’s no secret that I have a soft spot for the bad guys of Star Wars, even ones as amoral and heartless as the Inquisitor. So while I’m thankful that Kanan and Ezra survived the encounter, I wasn’t too happy with how quickly Vader’s servant (seriously, was that all the Inquisitor was to him, not anything else like, for argument’s sake, his secret apprentice hintity hint hint) was written out of the show. One reason for it that I came across was that it was to make room for Vader to show up and possibly become the main antagonist for the next season, but just like fridging female characters in order to advance a male character’s storyline, I don’t like that reasoning. It doesn’t sit well with me to get rid of such a great character for the sake of bringing in another. There’s room for both, if that was indeed the case.


2) The slow motion during Kanan’s fight with the Inquisitor. That was such an odd choice, especially for Star Wars, which doesn’t rely on nor needs that type of gimmick to add tension to a scene. All it did in this instance was draw me out of the show for that crucial split second that turned my thoughts from “wow, this is intense!” to “wow, that’s…kinda silly”. There was really no reason at all for it and the scene would have been stronger without it.


I’m dying to know what you guys thought about it! Did you like it? Love it? Wish it had been done differently? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. We didn’t see a corpse, so I’m betting the Inquisitor will be back with some nasty Sith-looking cybernetics or scarring.