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Science Fiction Film Short: Hybrids

HybridsAlienSlashingShortGdtsr1I have a pretty cool and active Google+ group pf circles. I found this by one member in one of my circles and decided to share it because it is that good. it’s a science fiction film short called Hybrids, directed by Patrick Kalyn and produced by Triton Films. Please check it out. Some say it is just as good as edge of tomorrow. I haven’t seen edge of tomorrow but I did watch this and it was amazing! The gist of it is that aliens are looking for something called the key. The key is locked in the genetic code of human children. Well, you know that is going to cause great conflict as children begin disappearing. Watch Hybrids it and tell us what you think!

Synopsis from An ex-special forces soldier seeks revenge after losing her daughter at the hands of an alien infestation. The film was written & directed by Patrick Kalyn, with cinematography by Cliff Hokanson and music by Sam Hulick, produced by Gabriel Paul Napora & Triton Films. Kalyn explained: “I’ve been a visual effects artist for the last decade and have worked AvatarDistrict 9 andKing Kong to name a few. The short is pretty VFX heavy as you could imagine. Triton Films produced, we shot this thing for no money. It was a labour of love… blood, sweat and tears for the last 10 months for everyone involved.” Visit

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