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Jason Momoa’s Aquaman Is a Great Thing and Here’s Why

So, Zack Snyder released a preview of what Aquaman is going to look like in Batman v. Superman. Let me tell you why, despite the grumblings of the purists in the background, this is probably maybe the best thing ever.

Take a look at Aquaman as he has been throughout the years:

Superfriends (1973-1986)


Justice League (2001-2004)


New 52 comic reboot (2011)


Notice anything? For one, he looks about the same in the New 52 reboot as he did in the corny-beyond-all-reason Superfriends cartoon, only a bit more detailed and his orange shirt becoming Atlantean armor instead of spandex. Even the more “savage” version of him drawn up for the animated Justice League series is the same blond-haired, blue-eyed dude in green leggings we’ve already seen before. “Can we get a little something different this time, please?” I asked Snyder in my head as rumors of Aquaman being in the movie started surfacing months ago.

Well, he definitely delivered. Not only is Momoa one of the few actors I will go see a movie or TV show for despite not really caring about anything else, but just look at him! A Pacific Islander actor (he was born in Hawaii to a Native Hawaiian father and a mother of mixed ancestry) covered in tattoos that echo those of the Maori, along with gleaming armor fashioned to look like scaleskin. In the looks department, he is very much what a “king of the sea” would look like. At least much more so than Mr. All-American up there. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for blonde Arthur Curry, but I’ve seen him for decades. Why can’t he get a makeover?

To any and all naysayers, I have this to say: this new millennium is the time for re-imagining that which we can (because we can’t reinvent real life so easily), for taking characters in new directions while remaining true to their spirits, not necessarily their outer appearances. The world didn’t crumble when Nick Fury became black for Iron Man (and many subsequent films, of course). This little blue marble of ours will keep on spinning now that Johnny Storm will be played by a black actor. And, despite other misgivings I may have about Batman v. Superman, Aquaman being played by Momoa will actually get my butt into a theater seat quicker (not just because Momoa is very good at portraying perpetually pissed off characters, and the Aquaman in this movie will not be a happy camper).

So yes, I am all for this 100% of the way.

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