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Link and Zelda are coming…to Netflix?

Link and Zelda are coming…to Netflix? By David Glenn

The Legend of Zelda by KejaBlank
The Legend of Zelda by KejaBlank


It was reported earlier this month that Netflix was working on a new fantasy show. They hinted at it being like Game of Thrones, but geared towards a family audience. The speculation right now is that they’re developing a series based off Nintendo’s game series The Legend of Zelda.

Everyone remember the prank trailer posted years ago by IGN, and the animated TV show from years ago that only lasted thirteen episodes. Nintendo is very protective of their games, especially since previous attempts to adapt them to the small and big screens have ended up as failures. Netflix has been creating more original series and it might mean that if they are developing a Zelda TV show it might be good.

One of the reasons why a TV show for Zelda would work better than a film would be the ability to take their time with story arcs. In the games there are many quests that could all prove to be great story arcs for TV episodes. One example is Link’s quest to gather the three gems from the game Ocarina of Time. Each location and dungeon Link explored in the game would be better adapted as episodes rather than film scenes because as a film it’s likely the quest for these items would’ve been cut out. Also we’d get a chance to see Link fight against the many monsters he’s faced over the years.

Whether or not the rumor is true remains to be seen. At this stage Netflix might still be getting together writers to create a script for the show. Also the question: Why would Nintendo allow Zelda to be adapted now? It’s probably safe to say that Netflix is going to be working hard to please both Nintendo and fans worldwide.

In the meantime, enjoy these awesome Zelda videos from the web:

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  1. I also recommend the college-made series The Legend of Vernon. 🙂