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New Spaceballs Movie in the Works?


Fans of Star Wars and parodies rejoice!

Comedian Mel Brooks stated that he is working on a new Spaceballs move to coincide with the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Filming is set to begin in December 2015. The original Spaceballs debuted in 1987.

Brooks was recently featured on Adam Corolla’s Take a Knee podcast, during which he stated that the movie is titled Spaceballs: Search for More Money.

Before you pre-order those tickets, Brooks aims to bring back the original cast. In a 2014 interview with Parade, Brooks stated that although screen writer Tom Meehan had “some great ideas,” it has been difficult to persuade Rick Moranis to sign up for the sequel.

“Without Rick, I wouldn’t do it. I’ve got the helmet in storage just waiting for him,” Brooks says.


Moranis is not opposed to the sequel, he is merely being “really strict” about maintaining his retirement.

Let’s hope that Moranis will sign on for one last hurrah!

What are your thoughts?

Check out the original 1987 theatrical release below:

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  1. Retirement is overrated! Surely, Mr. Moranis might enjoy a few months wearing the helmet again. (…go ahead….don’t call me Shirley…)