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What to expect from Telltale’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Second Episode

Telltale games revealed its second episode for their video game series set in the Game of Thrones universe yesterday. Via a blog post, the game developer released a trailer detailing some of the events of Episode 1 “Iron From Ice” and did a preview of sorts for the upcoming Episode 2, titles “The Lost Lords.”

So what might we expect from the second Game of Thrones: A Telltale Series episode?

[Warning: Below Will Contain Spoilers From Episode 1. You’ve Been Warned!]

Episode 2 of Telltale Games : "Game of Thrones"
Episode 2 of Telltale Games : “Game of Thrones”

Mira And Tyrion Will Conspire, Only To Be “Game of Thrones…ed”

What have the events in Game of Thrones taught us? That those who work for the true benefit of others are usually killed. Mira and Tyrion formed somewhat of an understanding (depending on your conversation choices in the Red Keep), with Tyrion stating he would do what he could to protect House Forrester. The preview in the video shows the two having a conversation again, and this time he’s cautioning against making a decision that could bring the Whitehills and Forresters to open war. Likely you’ll be counselled into making some decision on this matter, which Tyrion will then try to make happen. Let’s say we decide to have the Crown buy all its Ironwood from House Forrester, would Tyrion last long enough to see it happen? Remember, Telltale’s Game of Thrones takes place during the events of Season 4, the season where the Purple Wedding takes place. How much longer can we expect this ally to be in our court?

Jon Will Take Gared Under His Wing, Much Like He Did With Sam

Gared Tuttle has had a hard time in even just the first episode. From barely escaping the Red Wedding, to avenging his father, to being unjustly sent to the Wall — he’s had a typical Game of Thrones experience for a “good character.” But Gared isn’t there just for the sake of hopefully keeping him safe from Lord Whitehill. He has a job to do, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Jon takes him in as a brother and Gared enlists the help of Ned Stark’s son.

We see Jon giving advice to Gared, particularly because he isn’t the prototypical person to come to The Wall. “Taking the Blackis essentially akin to a life sentence in Game of Thrones, so a lot of his new “brothers” will be from less savory backgrounds. Though I think Gared will do fine there…assuming you didn’t send that other person to the Wall during your playthrough…

Asher Won’t Make It To Westeros Before Episode 3

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that most people are probably looking forward to playing as Asher Forrester, the exiled son of Lord and Lady Forrester. The idea of leaving the Seven Kingdoms behind for a bit and travelling through Essos has always been intriguing. Some of the best Thrones moments for me take place across the Narrow Sea. Malcolm might’ve been sent by Ethan to go get Asher, or Asher is just coming back on his own for one reason or another. Either way, he’s coming home.

I will predict he runs into some trouble that causes him to miss his boat ride, however. In fact, I’ll go so far as to predict he won’t be back in Ironrath till at least Episode 5. But judging by the teaser trailer, we should have some fun getting him there.

As of now, we don’t know who the next playable character will be. But the ideas of more political intrigue and some action have me enticed to play Episode 2 when it comes out the beginning of February.

What are your thoughts? Play Episode 1 and love the twist at the end? Let us know!



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