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Movies vs. Book: The Hobbit Roundtable, Part 1

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In book form The Hobbit has been available for nearly 80 years, but the third and final movie installment was just released late last year. No one suggests the three films are perfect adaptations, but how far off do they really miss the mark? William O’Flaherty is joined by Dr. Charlie Starr, Legendarium’s own Dr. Crystal Hurd and Brenton Dickieson to discuss whether or not one can still enjoy the movies despite their imperfections. This FIRST of two part discussion starts off with considering whether or not the three movies as a whole are better than the individual parts.

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Listen to Movies vs. the Book, Part 1 Roundtable



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  1. I personally think that there is never going to be a movie that captures specifically what comes in the book it is made of. Many movies have come close to capture the essence of the book but the reality is that you can never and would never compare a book and a movie, it all depends on tastes. There are people that do not like to read but love the movies and also the other way around, I personally am a person who loves to read and every time I read a book I imagine all the sceneries and the characters and then when I see the movie, if there is a movie to see, I do get a little disappointed but the fact is that everyone has a different view of how they read and how they see the book as a movie. Even though some movies really do not compare to the book they approach a lot to its reality, but the sad part is when a movie is so far apart from the reality of the book that when you see it you are thinking that it may be another book or that is not the movie, that is very sad and should never EVER happen.