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New Geeky Album From “Copy Red Leader”

Crossing-the-Streams-Cover-300x300The band Copy Red Leader creates a unique take on geeky music. One thing I like about their music is that they help those of us who are both Star Wars and Star Trek fans combine our love in a new album! Yes, you heard it SW and ST fans! You don’t have to be a lover of one and a hater of the other. Enter their new album: Crossing The Streams!

Copy Red Leader is the geek music duo of Leslie Hudson and Devin Melanson and they are based in the Toronto area. They write and play everything from rock to blues, metal to bluegrass, funk to folk. And their music brings a fresh and original vibe to the filk community. Their latest full length release, Crossing The Streams, is a combination of folk, rock and pop sounding rythms. It shines with humor and originality and if you are one of those folks like me who loves Star Trek and Star Wars you’ll enjoy this album.

 The two met at a song writing collective called FAWM (February Album Writing Month) back in 2009. A few years later, again in February, they wrote 15 songs for one of their favorite films, The Princess Bride. They called the album project Iocane Power and recorded the songs in various styles: in funk, rock, bluegrass, blues, musical theatre, folk, piano ballad, metal, rap, and classical. They went on to record several more filk albums and to collaborate with various musicians such as Kari Maaren on Elves In Space, especially with the Star Trek Imrove group, The Dandies. CRL performs at geek events, anniversaries, science fiction conventions and other nerdy gatherings and are active members of local and online filk and geek communities. They say that their aim is to make geek music it’s own genre. I say that is a noble cause.


I got a chance to listen to both their latest album and (Iocane Power) and I already have several favorite songs: Large and In Charge, Tatooine Blues, both bluesy tunes and Dyson Spear, a melodious, bluegrass-sounding tune. Great for listening in the background while working on your computer or relaxing. Crossing The Streams is a celebration of geek fandom of all kinds and so you will find many different cross-references to several geeky shows, films and other geek media in the songs. Things such as tying references from both Battlestar Galatica and Star Trek in one song. CRL is most of all fun to listen to their music is infused with lots of humor and whimsy. You can preview the tracks to Crossing The Streams at their website and you can purchase albums directly from the band there as well. For more about their music, performances and to preview music, visit their website and also their YouTube page. You can contact them and find their other albums at the website. Happy filking!

victorialadybug (V. A. Jeffrey) is a fantasy and science fiction author. She also loves music, art, history, cooking, baking, fermenting stuff, comic book movies and nearly anything Tolkien related. Her biggest writing inspirations are Shakespeare, Frank Herbert and, of course, J.R.R. Tolkien.


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