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Avalon Revisited

Avalon Revisited by John Evans


Around the lake-
That emerald circle,
Ringed by stones,
The color of pitch,
We waded through midnights,
Silver passage,
And strode together,
Like two fleeting shades.

Atop a ridge,
Creased by roses,
We watched the North Star,
Dimly appear,
Where she had lain hidden,
Beneath broad clouds,
Hurled from the shadow’s,
Silent keeping.

A field of whispers,
Passed before,
Our weary limbs,
Where we walked.

But something in,
Her star-crossed glance,
Sealed me to,
Her dark side.

It was then we reached,
An amber boat,
Tethered to,
AN aged tree,
Smoother than,
The calm water,
We were set,
To sail upon.

With one hand,
She led me in,
And with the other,
Clasped my soul,
Passing neither,
Hard judgment,
Nor mad indifference,
The scribes uphold.



Unto the inky serf,
We rowed,
Far- Far away,
Past the right bank,
Of yonder wood,
Until we reached,
Her mother’s diamond shore.

What wonders stand,
Hidden there,
Unseen by friend,
And foe alike,
I am forbidden,
To speak of,
But know good stranger,
I have never witnessed such,
Indomitable light.

John Evans

John Evans is an avid student of Medieval Literature and the writings of J.R.R Tolkien. He is a member of Doctor Cory Olsen’s Silmarillion Seminar and has been a proud supporter of Legendarium and the Mythgard institute. Along with these interests, he is the founder of the folk rock band Wrecked Haven, an amateur political theorist, and life-long writer of prose and poetry.

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