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Massive Star Wars Comic Sale at Dark Horse!

SW megabundle
As most of you may know, Dark Horse will no longer be publishing or distributing Star Wars comic books after the first of the year due to the license being reverted back to Marvel. In a huge send off for the license, Dark Horse Digital is not only taking 50% off every single digital Star Wars issue, but they’re offering the ENTIRE COLLECTION (that’s over 20 years and over 28,000 pages) for $300.

The end of an era closes. We say a fond farewell to Star Wars. The wookies will be missed and bounty hunters will be sad. But take heart young jedi, for these last few days you can seal in carbonite the entire Dark Horse digital library of Star Wars. Get every comic, every panel, every battle in perfect digital format in your collection. Access via the cloud city when ever you want. Many of these comics may never see the force again, or print. Get 20 years of Star Wars comic history at a once in a lifetime price.

All Star Wars comics purchased by 1/1/2015 will remain in your collection.

That might seem like a lot to drop all at once on digital content, but think about it: Marvel may continuing printing some runs (because hey, money), but not all. And if your luck is any thing like mine, your favorites probably won’t be in that re-print queue. If you can only afford a couple titles, that’s totally okay! Go to the link above and pick your favorites and get them in your Dark Horse collection now before January 1st.

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