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Jurassic World: Wild Dinosaurs on Isla Nublar?

Wild Dinosaurs on Isla Nublar? By David Glenn

Everyone’s excited for the Jurassic World trailer that was released this week. There are still news about the popular sci-fi film on the web. One of them is about the possibility that there are still dinosaurs in the wild on Isla Nublar. According to the Jurassic World Movie site,

“Construction workers were protected from native wildlife by InGen security over the course of the three years from 2002 until completion in 2004.”

Could this mean that there are wild dinosaurs still living on Isla Nublar? This hasn’t been confirmed by Universal or Steven Spielburg, but it would make for an interesting plot twist. We’ll have to wait for the movie to come out to find out for sure. In the meantime, what we are allowed to see of Jurassic World for now.

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David Glenn

Profile photoDavid Glenn was born in Japan, spent his childhood in Alaska and Kentucky, grew up in Texas, and now resides in Utah. He has loved dinosaurs from his youth and spends time reading fantasy books.
He has published a fantasy book called The Myths of Dymos and runs a blog at

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