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Fan Film: Indiana Jones and the Lost Idol

poster_indy_idolo_esp_web2I think I’m on a roll with the Indiana Jones thing. This is cool because I’m unearthing some interesting finds, no pun intended. I happened to find a great little short film by an indie film maker Fran Casanova, who is from Tenerife, Canary Islands. He has made a number of short films, some of them winning awards. My focus is on a short film he made called Indiana Jones and the Lost Idol, a great little film that, in the director’s words, was a homage to some of his favorite filmmakers of the eighties –“Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, John Williams, Harrison Ford and the entire team behind the Indiana Jones movie franchise.” This film actually did win the 1st Prize in Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival, the “TCIF3” fan film category back in 2009 and it is a great film. The actors speak in Spanish and there are English subtitles. The production values are excellent, the music is great and the costumes, the acting, I definitely recommend watching this film!

In Fran’s own words: “It was shot entirely in Tenerife (Canary Islands) in 2008. Was conducted without a budget, without the help of a producer, without a professional team, only with a group of friends, my Canon XL2 and much love for cinema. This short film is a personal tribute to a director who I admire a lot, Steven Spielberg.”


The story begins in Tenerife (1948), where Indiana Jones is looking for some Spanish doubloons’ whereabouts. The journey continues in Portugal, where he will meet Mr. Giovanni, an art collector, who will try to exchange doubloons for a major treasure from his past.

To find more about this director and his other really cool film projects visit his website:


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  1. Hi and Thanks a lot for share my personal tribute to Steven Spielberg and and this great saga, INDIANA JONES.

    A big hug from Spain!

  2. victorialadybug

    Hey, thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed the film!