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Fantasy in Music Videos: A Sampling

Fantasy has long been a way to escape the harshness and cold truth of reality. Why bear the burden of finances, survival, and the eternal quest for love and happiness in the real world when you can be carried away to glory and fortune in a time long past and a place so alien from our own? Thankfully the art of pairing fantasy imagery with lyrics and melodies hasn’t been lost on today’s music industry.
Let’s go on a journey into the various realms of fantasy (with some good music to accompany us)!

Nightwish – “Amaranth”

This video marked vocalist Anette Olzen’s debut with the symphonic metal group. The imagery was inspired by “The Wounded Angel”, a painting by Finnish painter Hugo Simberg, an homage to the band’s Finnish roots.

Coheed and Cambria – “The Suffering”

Anything that involves a centaur, mermaid, and sea monster is visual gold to me.

Killswitch Engage – “Holy Diver”

A cover of Dio’s original metal ballad, Killswitch Engage lightened the mood by putting a more humorous spin on the whole sword and sorcery motif. The result is pretty entertaining.

In This Moment – “Blood” (mildly NSFW)

One last foray into the medieval realm, metal band In This Moment took cues from the original Snow White fairy tale (mainly the prominence of the bloody apple) and the film Snow White and the Huntsman (singer Maria Brink’s queen outfit).

Evanescence – “Call Me When You’re Sober”

Amy Lee has always said that she identifies with Snow White, but for this single she decided to step into Little Red Riding Hood’s shoes for a bit. I’m down with that.

Kerli – “Walking On Air”

The debut single and video from Estonian singer Kerli touches on the duality and unexpected nature of things that are so pervasive in the fantasy genre. White and black costumes, spinning rooms and stationary ceiling fans, a bed of rocks, and of course the plot twist at the end. But Kerli doesn’t stop there; she continued to incorporate fantasy imagery in many of her later videos.

Alice DeeJay – “Will I Ever”

Departing from the Western European idea of fantasy, let’s visit an ancient Roman party with Dutch group Alice DeeJay!

Aqua – “Barbie Girl”

What sampling of fantasy-themed music videos would be complete without the sensational Aqua parodying the life of the most popular doll ever?

Velvet Revolver – “She Builds Quick Machines”

Another video with an angel as the star, but this time set in the Mexican/American West. Gotta love the Clint Eastwood aesthetic, too!

Leonard Nimoy – “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins”

Of course, I had to include this video. It’s Mr. Spock singing a tribute to the bravest hobbit of them all!

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  1. “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” always brings a smile.