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Shannara TV Series is Coming, and the Lead Role is Cast

Shannara TV Series is Coming, and the Lead Role is Cast
By David Glenn


Fans of Terry Brooks Shannara books are in for a treat. The show from MTV will follow the plot of the second book, The Elfstones of Shannara, which Terry Brooks feels is a good starting point. For those who need a summary the world is set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where people have returned to living in a medieval style. The war has also caused some people to become creatures like trolls, gnomes, and dwarves. In Brooks second novel in this world a tree watched over by the elves is dying and a group must go to restore it before an army of demons can come and destroy the world.

Actress Poppy Drayton has been cast as Amberle, who is the first female Chosen in centuries. Her duty to protect the Ellcrys tree will take her to great lengths in a world of magic and danger. There is a chance that the story will be loyal to the book as the series will have about ten episodes. That means we shouldn’t worry about the producers trying to cram in as much as possible in a couple of hours like if they were doing a movie. It is unknown when the show will air, but fans will be waiting for the news.

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