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Strange 8 by K.L. Nappier

Strange 8 by K.L. Nappier
Strange 8 by K.L. Nappier

Strange 8 by K.L. Nappier is an exciting collection of eight short stories that have been inspired by folk lore and faerie tales readers will know well. Each story has a wonderfully different narrative voice, a different setting, and each will have you shouting, “Oh, no way!” with that last little twist at the end. I particularly enjoyed the strength and variety of the female characters Nappier writes, most strikingly in “Divine Messenger.”

Nappier has a stunning ability to grip your attention immediately and then take you on an adventure you did not expect. Chapter Three is a trio of flash fiction or micro fiction horror stories, exactly sixty-six words each. The third part of the trio, “New Home Decor,” is the most exciting and surprising short story I have ever read (and re-read).

I absolutely could not put Strange 8 down. When I was done with this delightfully brisk read I wanted to read it again and I wanted more.

I’m delighted to find more of K.L. Nappier’s work on her web site and on Amazon. Strange 8 is also available through Barnes & Noble as paperback or ebook and from digitally on Smashwords.

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