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LISTEN NOW: The Hobbit Finale’s End Credits: Billy Boyd’s ‘The Last Goodbye’

Earlier this week, a short version of Billy Boyd’s “The Last Goodbye” was released as a part of an official sneak preview of The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies soundtrack. Now, Billboard has premiered the the full version of the song that is set to be played during the end credits. Boyd, along with producers Fran Walsh and Philiipa Boyens wrote the “The Last Goodbye” with not only the end of The Hobbit movies in mind, but the whole Lord of the Rings journey:

“We focused on not just the final installment, but moreso on this 10-year epic adventure,” says Boyd.  “A song to sum up the six movies. We recorded in Wellington, New Zealand, at one point traveling to Auckland to Neil Finn’s studio — where we recorded some of the guitar.  It was surreal to be in his studio, as he did the song for [2012’s] The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey” (source).

“The Last Goodbye” full version:

You can listen to more previews of the soundtrack right here and purchase the album in its entirety on Dec. 9!

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